Luxury Interior Design: Color for YOU!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about color lately.  Recently, I just completed my designation from Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy to be named a True Colour Expert.  (I just announced this to one of my clients and she said, “You already were!”, but nonetheless, Maria gave a very informative color class based on her colour theories!)  I have to start by saying that Maria is a fabulous presenter, and I love her thought process here.  I will be sharing a lot of my theories blended with Maria’s in many blog posts to come that I think you will find helpful and informative.  I also have to say that I just love the way the Canadians and Europeans spell the word “colour”!  Even as a Southern Belle, it makes me want to go have some hot tea and a scone!

Color fan

Now, the point of this post is to emphasize that the colors you wear are as important as the colors you decorate with.  During Maria’s class I met a very classy gal indeed.  She is a bonafide color consultant who helps people select the right colors to wear.  My friend, Mary Steele Lawler, from Luminousity looked so smart and beautiful, because she is wearing the exact right colors. Don’t discount friends! Wearing the right colors can be just as effective a good dose of Botox!  You will look smarter, fresher, younger, brighter, and more beautiful, simply because you choose the right colors to wear.  Gone are the days of simply “Color Me Beautiful “(back in the 80’s!).  This concept is the newer and much more updated version of that program.  Mary will be coming to my retail store – SOON! – to offer color analysis for each of you interested in participating ( I strongly recommend it!).  Trust me when I say that the compliments you receive, as a result, will be outrageous! Plus, you will be leaving with a palette for perfect shopping.  More about this date a little later, so stay tuned! I assure you…. This concept is a “HOT” one that will end up saving you lots of cash, since you will only buy what looks fabulous on you!

color swatches

I have also been following the blog You Look Fab, and Angie is a genius at putting together clothing that works well.  It all costs the same, so regardless of if you are a stay-at-home mother of six or a working mom, why not put your best foot forward and dress “well put together”?   Beauty is beauty, and it is worth having!

In addition, I noticed in Maria’s Become a True Color Expert seminar that she was walking her talk.  She was smartly dressed in the perfect shades for her skin tone, and in a fabulous mix of colors that truly made a statement.

So, consider your wardrobe and having a color consultation done! If you cannot find a color consultant in your area, maybe Mary Steele can help steer you in the right direction… Or you can stay tuned for the date announcement of our color analysis coming up in the Myrtle Beach area.

In your home or on your body, always opt to surround yourself with beautiful colors that show you at your very best!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!




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