Celebrate the Flow – Part II

As many of you know, I have been trying to create a design/lifestyle brand for quite some time.  What I have discovered is that the more I pushed, the more elusive this dream became.  When I finally stopped and took heed of the above 5 principles I wrote about yesterday, I noticed a real shift.  For example, when I let go of the result (getting published, doing more tv work, completing a book, adding speaking engagements to my calendar) and began to focus on the process, the whole world of the “branding of design”  has opened up for me.  Now, the result is joyful.

I thought I would share some of the paintings I have done am an working on in this blog post.  I truly feel that the more time I can give to myself to give into my creative gifts and find flow for myself, with no expectation on the outcome, that it has also greatly impacted the shifts I have been able to make in my business.  Enjoy!

South Carolina Luxury Interior Designer

Guess who painted this? ME! I love my art classes and it fascinates me what comes out on the canvas when I just let go, and flow! My paintings are so ethereal and dreamy.

During this journey, I began to shift my design work to become a true service to others.   After all, I was given this amazing gift to design beautiful yet livable spaces and I feel it is my duty to share this work in a meaningful way.   When I am designing, I develop extreme focus.  When I  work on writing my soon to be published book, I  close out all distractions and focus on what will help readers understand my process.  When I am shooting TV or film, I become one with the camera.  When I was recently asked to be a guest speaker  to an almost all male audience, instead of cramming their heads full of design ideas that they didn’t want, I stopped my own mental chatter and gave a meaningful talk about things in the design process that would matter to them, like how to budget for design!   The point is, forgetting about what I want and focusing instead on the process and what would be meaningful to others.

All of this has led to an exciting time in my life as my business begins to grow and the personality of my business is taking shape, organically and authentically.  It’s amazing how many opportunities have  come my way and how many doors in the branding field have recently opened.  Soon, I will have a new book on the shelf, I am filling speaking opportunities in many places such as the upcoming Charleston Designer Showhouse and I will be offering a workshop presentation at the Museum of Design in Atlanta.  My work will soon be featured in the national publication, “Romantic Homes” and in the regional publication, “Southern Seasons” along with feature work appearing  on numerous blog and internet sites including “Houzz”.  There are even some television negotiations in the works!   All of this has occurred  because I shifted my focus to serving others through my work and then implementing the other 4 ways to achieve the state of flow.

South Carolina Luxury Interior Designer

Another Kimberly Grigg! Still a work in progress but definitely feeling the flow!

So, if you haven’t already, give “flow” a try.  If you have, please share your story.  I am eager to hear how you reach your dreams!

Live Inspired and Stay Fabulous!


Kimberly xoxo

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