Bungalow Hotel… Inspirational Accommodations!

My youngest daughter, Grayanna, and I recently took a quick jaunt to the Jersey shore for a little singing gig she had.  We stayed at an amazing little boutique hotel called Bungalow. It is located in Long Branch, which is an old 1700’s resort town. Although Jersey may seem an unlikely location for what Elle.com named as one of their “Top 10 Chic Hotels”, it is just that!

I was so intrigued and entertained by the decor of this unique little oceanfront hotel that I just HAD to share some photos of it (And just so you know, I did take pictures of our actual room with my Blackberry, but they did not turn out as clear as I had hoped, so I borrowed some pictures from the Bungalow website for this post). This interesting hotel is refreshingly colorless, with the exception of some beautifully inserted “pops” of color.

So, basically, my daughter is soooo enamored with this hotel that she actually came home completely prepared for me to gut every interior in our home and redecorate it to look just like Bungalow. (Wonder if my husband would just divorce me, or if I would be completely disowned altogether?!) Hope you enjoy the mini “tour” of this truly FAB property… I miss it already!




This is a door into a guest room! What a COOL way to display room numbers! And the tulip... just, WOW.

This is actually a photo that I found on an online review of Bungalow. I specifically wanted to include it, because I just thought it was SO clever to add that tiny little khaki pillow on each bed. On the pillow is the room number! How cute is that?!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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