Bring Nature into the Home with South Carolina Interior Designer and Natural Floor Coverings: Part 2

South Carolina Interior Designer highlights Green Design with Natural Floor Coverings: Mountain Grass Rugs

Bring Nature into your home with South Carolina Interior Design Natural Floor Coverings, Photo Credit: with

As promised we are ready to discuss with you today two more green interior design solutions and fabulous natural floor coverings. Last time we dug in to all of the 411 on Sisal and Seagrass coverings. Today we will talk about the wonderful characteristics of Mountain Grass and Jute!

An up-close look at a Mountain Grass swatch

Magnificent Mountain Grass!

Mountain Grass rugs are probably the least known out of this category of natural floor coverings. The fiber is obtained from plants found in high altitude regions of the Pacific Continent, which define these rugs as one of a kind. Rigid in texture, and nice and thick, this carpet is a beautiful alternative to wood flooring as it has an uncanny wood like appearance.

One of the most popular retail products made from this substance are area rugs. These rugs are an absolute must have addition if you are trying to pull a room together and need that extra special touch. They are truly a crossroad product of organic elegance.

Cleaning these rugs are an absolute breeze, as they repel water completely, so like it’s cousin Seagrass, it is best used in high traffic, spill prone areas.

Jubilant Jute!

A Jute area rug with stenciled borders.

Jute is obtained from the stem fiber of the Corchorus plant, found in India, it resembles hemp and flax. The jute fiber is recognized for its durability, making it an ideal material for fabricating sturdy and heavy-duty yarns and fabrics, it truly brings a magnificent, chunky texture to just about every room in the house.

Known for it’s light and lustrous quality, Jute is perfect for rooms that need an extra layer of delicacy, like bedrooms or snugs. A very popular DIY way to dress these delicate rugs up is to stencil their borders (as seen in the picture on the left).

Jute’s color ranges from light tans to browns, which are identifiable in each rug, making them absolutely fabulous no matter which size rug you decide to go with.

Now that we have gone over the different types of fibers available, and their origins, next time we will be covering the way to keep these rugs looking amazing and revealing some things you may not have known when it comes to picking the right natural rug for you. Eco friendly design is not only fabulous, but in high demand these days, so we will be giving you some pointers on how to pick the best of these organic floor coverings, and what you can expect in terms of wear and tear.

Stay tuned!

South Carolina Luxury Designer highlights eco-design with Natural Floor Coverings: Jute Rug

Green South Carolina Designer highlights Jute Rug from


Now go have an “It’s So Fabulous Day”!

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