Blue-and-White Porcelain – A Must!

Blue and White Porcelain hung on a client's wall

An example of blue and white Porcelain hung on a client's wall

Blue and White Porcelain is absolutely beautiful to me. I always use it in the homes of my South Carolina interior design clients, no matter what the color scheme. It is truly a neutral, but one packed with personality. I love to look at the various scenes and patterns created within the porcelains, as they are so interesting and most often tell a story.

Years ago in a previous marriage, my then husband invited a very important client over to our home. We had recently married and had just moved into our new home, so our decorating at the time was slight.

Display of blue-and-white china for sale at Knotting Hill

Display of blue-and-white china for sale at Knotting Hill

I had taken my pre-marriage collection of blue and white porcelain and simply filled the living room shelves with it. Our guest glanced around our sparsely decorated home (the only time in my life when less was more!!!) and noticed my modest collection of blue and white porcelain. He exclaimed how beautiful it was and declared that I must have travelled the world over to assemble such a collection. As a new wife, I wanted to impress, so I gushed, “Oh, yes indeed!” Then he began to examine some of the pieces more closely. Much to my chagrin, I had failed to remove most of the price tags touting my good buys and true treasures that I had collected from junk fairs and discount stores! So much for my well-traveled collection of blue and white porcelain!!!
My collection today is much more varied both in quality and price but still includes many of those original pieces. This is the true beauty of blue and white porcelain. The prices can vary but each piece can still blend beautifully to make a lovely statement. The porcelain is also multifunctional: I have used many of the pieces to hold flowers from my garden, as well as to serve as platters and serving pieces for entertaining.

A Passion for Blue & White

"A Passion for Blue & White" by Carolyne Roehm

Recently, I hosted a bridesmaids’ luncheon for one of my closest friend’s daughter. Her favorite colors included pear green and a lovely shade of coral. As a former event planner and a designer, I knew that the colorswould becometoo expected if we just used the two colors as an overall scheme. Suddenly, in a lightning bolt moment, I was inspired to rely on my trusty collection of blue and white porcelain and voilà , the luncheon became a unique and lovely event that left attendees gasping at its beauty.

So, think about starting or expanding your collection today. I highly recommend a related book written by  Carolyne Roehm called “A Passion for Blue & White”… check it out! Use your porcelain grouped together or separately, but do use it. It is lovely, available, and a wonderful way to express yourself. Just don’t forget to take the price tags off before the company arrives!!!!

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