Beautiful Family Living (Part 2): Sharing Your Home With Pets

Yes, I have three dogs!

Dog number one is Stella. She is a standard poodle and the love dog of my life (pictured in first photo below)! For anyone who knows me personally, you will recall that my beloved Stella went missing for FOUR entire months! Heartbroken, I thought that we had lost her forever. During that time, I agreed with sad reluctance to allow my eleven-year-old daughter to adopt her own teeny tiny “party” Yorkie, who she named Millie (Next to Stella in the photo).


Stella (left) and Millie (right)

Stella (left) and Millie (right)

In an attempt to heal the loss of my beloved Stella, I also decided to order another standard poodle (Pictured below) – a male this time – who we named Gatsby (yes, as in The Great Gatsby!).




Welllll…. long story short – thanks to a microchip implanted in my precious Stella! – a miracle of miracles happened! Sweet Stella was returned to me! Alas, we now are the proud owners of THREE dogs!

Needless to say, I am alwaaaays looking for new and creative solutions for living beautifully with my menagerie of animals.

What are some of YOUR best ideas for living beautifully with pets? Share them with me by posting a comment!

One way that I have found to confine my dogs to specific areas of my home is by utilizing baby gates. But not just ANY gate! I use the baby gates that have swinging “doors” on them, so I no longer have to step over a fence every time I pass through a room where my animals are corralled. Actually, the whole truth is that there was MANY a dark night that I went flying over one of those regular baby gates, completely forgetting it was there. However, the gates with swinging doors are too tall to fly forward, so they nix that problem, as well! Two birds with one stone! Hooray!


First Years Baby Gate

Here is a fence with a "door" from First Years Baby Gate.

When you are away from home, another smart solution for keeping smaller dogs in a specified area without giving them reign of the entire room is to keep them in a fenced play area. They make these fences for children and for pets, but they are basically the same thing. So, if you have one stuffed in your attic from the days when your children were toddlers, consider recycling it if you have a small dog.



There are many different varieties of these fences available online, but the particular fence in this photo is made by Kidco.

I am certain it is the interior designer in me, but one of my “pet peeves” (pun intended?!) is the sight of dog food bags. There are so many more attractive options for storing pet food than the original bag it arrived in. In addition, a storage container will certainly keep the food fresher for longer, which is an added bonus for your furry family members!


This container has separate compartments for treats and pet food! I also love that it has wheels, which allows easy movement into a closet if you need to hide it altogether. It can be purchased online at

Remember, though, you don’t necessarily have to purchase a container that is specifically marketed as a pet food container. You may also substitute a large lidded vase that you already own. You can purchase one of these containers at an estate sale, off of Ebay, or from a discount store online. The one pictured below is for sale on for $48. Knotting Hill Interiors is, of course, my favorite local choice for home decor!

large lidded vase

I will share more ideas for living beautifully with your pets in future blog posts! Until then, I leave you with our motto….

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!







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