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Ann Gish beddng

Ann Gish cotton sateen duvet and shams

"Haute Lodge" by Pine Cone Hill

Although it may be surprising, thoughts of sledding over snow-capped hills and ice-skating across frozen ponds are not the first images that come to mind when I hear the word “winter”.  As a Southern Belle, I must sheepishly confess that I am quite NON-conditioned to the chilly temperatures of the North. On the occasions that I am forced to endure such freezing temperatures, indicators of my frozen angst generally include slight howling and rapid foot-to-foot dancing, giving me an uncanny resemblance to that of a coyote walking across hot coals. As such, it works out well that my hometown of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, usually experiences mild, short winters, which do not often include snow tires or window scrapers. I actually recall one winter a few years ago during which I even wore shorts in December! WOW, that certainly was nice! Therefore,you can understand why the extent of my wintertime warm-up generally does not include much more than the delights of a crackling fireplace and the luxury of warm, blissful bedding. Since I consider the latter of these two items to be quite a high priority on my list of “must have” indulgences, I have inserted a few pictures of my favorite bedtime “picks” to keep you snuggly and warm all winter long. Below, check out the links to my top three choices:

ANN GISH   is well known for her quality construction and attention to detail, as well as her usage of contemporary silk fabrics in her innovative designs.  Two of her other outstanding fabric choices for bedding include cotton sateen (divine!) and her washable silk collection, called Ready-to-Bed. 

MATOUK  is a family-run business whose passion for delivering high-quality products is clear in the luxurious bedding they produce. I recommend Matouk bedding to many of my design clients, and not once, have I ever received anything but high praise for its beautiful presentation and scrumptious delivery.

PINE CONE HILL   is a company that prides itself on producing down-to-earth bedding  with real life comfort. Splashed with color and texture, this cuddly bedding will make you never want to get out from under the covers! We carry this brand of bedding at the Knotting Hill Interiors retail store, so if you have further questions or need additional information about purchasing this line, feel free to give me (or my staff) a ring.

Lulu DK Matouk in "Tiger Lily"

Lulu DK Matouk in "Tiger Lily"

What are YOUR favorite bedding choices, and why? How about your favorite fabric selections? Leave a comment…. I would love to hear your opinions! 


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